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Mee’s Wood is a family business based on seven and a half acres of pastureland and semi-ancient woodland in South Warwickshire. Mee’s Wood incorporates Green Oval Tree Care, which has been operated by Jack Mee since 2010. Green Oval Tree Care has a constantly growing local clientele base in Stratford, Leamington, Warwick and the villages around Snitterfield, where the family has lived for almost thirty years. Our woodland also provides a good supply of logs.


Jack Mee’s skills and commitment are the force behind Green Oval Tree Care.  He specialises in tree and hedge care but also manages the Mee’s Wood land and is responsible for all fencing and general countryside management, putting to use the skills he learned at Warwickshire College Moreton Morrell campus. As time allows he also uses his expertise in green wood crafts, examples of which are on this website.


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